1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro

1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro

Shhhhhh…. Keep it to Yourself!

By ~ibbabs~

I’ll let you in on a secret, one I am tempted to keep to myself…the Hubs and I have discovered a great gastropub- 1321 in Downtown Old Torrance and have visited a few times. Last Tuesday evening after work we decided to head over for a bite and a sip.

I dropped the Hubby off and parked, returning in mere minutes to find my man seated at a nice booth near the entrance and away from the many TV screens. Sometimes my companion can be distracted by the wide variety of channels displayed there. We’ve even found some shows that have turned out to be favorites while dining at 1321 but tonight we just wanted some time together and we got it.

Our server Jason stopped by soon to greet us and let it be known that Tuesday is locals night; any resident of Torrance and even folks who work nearby get 15% off their food for the evening.  Jackpot!  We have experienced 1321’s Mac ‘n Cheese Mondays as well as Beer and Bacon Wednesdays and are big fans of both.  Their happy hour (daily 4-7) is a great deal too but locals night was new to us and news to us.

1321 Downtown Taproom Bistro

Being a weeknight we both wanted something kind of light  to drink so we chose red wine as our libation.  Pennywise for me, a Sonoma Cab with aromas of bourbon soaked cherries, blackberries and sweet basil, Plungerhead for the Mr.  We have tried a number of their wines and have always been very happy; hats off to the person in charge of finding such delights.

Our Steakhouse Wedge salad and Flatbread of the day arrived after a bit of a wait, but not too bad. We had decided to share both. The Wedge is a favorite of ours and 1321 has the best bacon I have tasted strewn atop in perfect sized hunks. In fact, Beer and Bacon Wednesdays are a treat: Diners get a flight of each thickly cut bacon and beers selected to complement the unique slices. My personal favorite was the maple bacon paired with Banana Bread beer- like having the best breakfast ever- for dinner. Anyway, our Wedge was, as expected, wonderful and the flatbread was devine. With olives,artichoke hearts, goat cheese and cherry tomatoes it was a well rounded group of flavors and colors on a slightly crispy base.



Flatbread @ 1321


Jason stopped by to chat and check in, he’s a really sweet guy as is everyone that has ever helped us there. He let me know that the house cocktail menu will soon be changed but couldn’t share the deets, just that it would be soon. With tables near the always open front door and others near a large window in the bar that slides open I can imagine enjoying a nice summery ‘mixed’ drink OR a great glass of white OR a pint of one of the many microbrews on a warm evening. Of course the rest of the space would be just as enjoyable with the warm décor; cool funky light fixtures with Edison bulbs abound and wooden tables with a great banquet or cushy leather chairs make dining and/or drinking there a wonderful experience.

One shared glass of Plungerhead later and we were off into the Torrance evening. Hmmm, we’ve got Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays’ specials down, we’ll for sure be back to see what’s happening the rest of the week. No matter what, it will be good, that I know.  ~ibbabs~

1321 Sartori Avenue, Torrance, Ca.   310.618.1321
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