2012 Food Schmooze

We wandered to Farmington Gardens last night for the 2012 Faith Middleton Food Schmooze Martini Competition.  Yeah, don’t let me kid you… wander isn’t quite accurate, we couldn’t wait to motor up I-84 to see what the evening had in store for us!  My good friend, Judie, subbed for Dave who was enjoying daddy time at home and although Judie is new to Martinihunting, she’s been a martini connoseur for years and my partner in crime on many an adventure.  (Nashville immediately comes to mind, LOL!)

This fundraising event for National Public Radio (NPR) drew Master Mixologists from 38 Connecticut restuarants competing for bragging rights as the Best of Food Schmooze 2012.  We sampled creations, libations and concoctions featuring gin, bourbon, St. Germaine, moonshine, orchid liquer, chocolate vodka, bacon, ginger, rose petals and a variety of infusions too crazy to recall.  All were reflective of their various themes; most were quite amazing.  Some not so much.  Hey, ya can’t bat 1000 all the time…

Laughter and good humor abounded with the well-heeled crowd of guests as all were intent on sampling their favorite restaurant or finding a new one.  With so many options, one could easily find several to try each week. The people watching was fun as well, and as we cruised through the crowd I spotted several beautiful dresses that should be in my closet (found out where to find them, too!) and some kick ass heels to boot!

Many restaurants featured delectable samples of the food they offer and I wish I could remember who offered this one in particular.  We enjoyed a refreshing dish of shrimp with cilantro and an icy sorbet served in little martini glasses out in the glass sunroom.  Someone please come forward and claim this delightful dish because I want more!

When all the votes were tallied, the winners were… drumroll, please…..


The Faithfully Ginger Martini

1st Place – Thali with their beautifully presented “Faithfully Ginger” martini served in a tall glass with a red striped straw and featuring red rose petals frozen into a circular floating ice cube.  I’m not a ginger fan but this cocktail was light, refreshing and delicious with just the right amount of ginger and honey…. ahhh.




The Chocolate Cherry Bomb Martini

2nd Place – 1249 Winebar with “The Chocolate Cherry Bomb” martini. This creation featuring fresh squeezed cherry juice and 360 Chocolate Vodka, replicated the authentic aroma and taste of chocolate covered cherries and somehow managed to feel smooth and silky with each sip.  Amazingly decadent without being overly sweet; you caould almost imagine the chocolate melting on your tongue.



The Hot & Corny Martini

3rd Place – Tisane Euro Asian Cafe for “The Hot & Corny” martini featuring Connecticut distilled Onyx Moonshine, freshly shucked corn and dried jalapenos.  Rimmed with ground corn it was incredibly smooth and very tasty, I’d serve it with some good BBQ or a juicy steak…yum.



We had a great evening, made new friends and sampled some of the best martinis around.  We’re definitely making this an “official” MartiniHunter.com event next year.  Cheers!


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