Acapulco Madrid

Acapulco Madrid

Mexican With a Dash of Spain(ish)

While heading out for Italian one night, Joe and I apparently caught the wrong boat and ended up at Acapulco Madrid, a Mexican/Spanish restaurant in Thomaston, CT. The Italian restaurant was not opened as advertised on their Facebook page. Their loss, our gain!

One of the great things about the restaurant is that if you’re going out with a group and one or more of them is not big a fan of Mexican fare, they can opt for the classic Spanish choices. Although the Mexican food served here is prepared traditionally (not Tex-Mex), so those doubters should give it try. The drink and wine selections cover both regions as well, so you can order anything from Sangria or a nice Rioja, to a variety of Margarita’s. For those true “Martini” hunters, there are options here as well.

The restaurant offers a nice size bar to sit at as well as the dining room. The floors are hardwood, which create a nice warm, homey feel, and the décor is tastefully done. The atmosphere is nice enough for a date, but not so posh that you wouldn’t also feel comfortable bringing the whole family.

Luis Lopez, co-owner with his uncle, Celso Maldanado, waited on us that evening and quickly brought our pitcher of Margaritas. We ordered the house version and were not disappointed. Personally, if I’m going to drink top-shelf tequila, I don’t like it masked with margarita mix.

Joe and I both ordered the Chili Relleno as an appetizer – which had the options of beef, chicken, vegetable or cheese (or pork?). Joe chose the beef and I had the vegetable, which was better than any I’ve ever had. It consisted of a whole pablano pepper stuffed with a mixture of julienned fresh vegetables that were tender, but not mushy. The pepper was roasted (not dipped in batter and deep fried) and topped with a light sprinkling of fresh cheese that adds a little bit of coolness in contrast to the heat of the pepper, but doesn’t overtake the entire dish. The presentation is pleasing, with the pepper sitting on a small amount of sauce and a nice garnish.


Blue Corn Veggie Enchiladas at Acapulco Madrid

Enchiladas at Acapulco Madrid


For dinner we both chose the enchiladas with a Molé sauce – Joe had the chicken, which he said was nicely seasoned and tender. I again opted for the vegetable. This dish used the same fresh veggie mixture as my Chili Relleno. The enchiladas were wrapped in blue corn tortillas and topped with a Molé sauce that was perfect. In my mind, this is a hard sauce to get right. I hesitate to order it because it often comes too spicy, chocolately, or thick. This sauce had a tiny bit of kick, but not so overpowering that you couldn’t taste the rest of the meal, and the ever-so-slight hint of chocolate that made it outstanding! The dish was served with a bit of fresh guacamole, rice and beans. The presentation again was well thought out, with the rice molded into a little cone and the beans served in a small tortilla cup, rather than running all over the plate. Great attention to detail!


Creme Brulee at Acapulco Madrid

Creme Brulee at Acapulco Madrid


After dinner was cleared and we were finishing up our margaritas, Luis brought over a complimentary dessert of an exceptionally smooth crème brulee with two spoons (he didn’t even know he was hunted yet!). A very nice finish to an already wonderful dinner. We will definitely be back soon!  ~ SueLoru

Acapulco Madrid, 360 Watertown Road, Thomaston, CT 860.484.4888


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