“Holy Guacamole! (and Margarita’s too!)”

By 9irlinthe9reenscarf & MandyPandy622

Bartaco was a MUST on our list from the minute it first opened in downtown Stamford. Nestled between Buffalo Wild Wings and Barcelona this Summer Street restaurant is a definite go-to! We heard of this island oasis from a friend. The name was deceiving at first; we had no clue what to expect especially when our sit down dinner turned into a nightclub. You’re intrigued right?!

We’ll start off with the not-so-basic basics. The interior has a simple setup – a big U-shaped bar in the middle, with tables lining the perimeter. There are some neat upside down baskets hanging from the ceiling, and the roof and walls of the exterior are reminiscent of a cozy beach shack. One of the coolest traits about Bar Taco is how you place your order. There are these “menu slips” that you use to check off what your table would like to order, and how many of each item. You can chose from guacamole, tacos, quesadilas, margaritas, etc. Once you’ve made your selections, you put your little Dragonfly Card in the holder to notify the staff that you’re ready. Makes ordering easy peasy!

Ordering card

Ordering Card

Food comes out fast, and while the portions are tapas style they are not too small. Guacamole is a must to enjoy (get the large!), and the chicken rice bowls are also delicious!

On our last visit here, “I” (9irlinthe9reenscarf) asked our friendly bartender, Golan, if he had any suggestions for a not-so-sweet martini. He said I should try the “Rosita Martini.” I opted for yes not knowing what it was and OH-WOW! I have never had anything like this! Upon first sip, I thought of “nature”. Weird, but try it and I think you may agree -the rim is coated in rosemary! The concoction is made of hibiscus infused gran centenario reposado, rosemary, pear nectar, and cranberry. A far stretch from our usual glass of wine, but well worth the $11.

Bar Taco - Stamford

Rosita Martini

Be sure to fill out their comment card and earn yourself a “free taco” token!

Do you see a trend with our love for Mexican themed tapas restaurants?! We love them!!

Tini’s Up Little Hunters!  xo

9irlinthe9reenscarf & MandyPandy622

MandyPandy622 & 9irlInThe9reenScarf

MandyPandy622 & 9irlInThe9reenScarf


bartaco, 222 Summer Street, Stamford, CT  203-323-TACO

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