Barcelona Wine Bar

Barcelona Wine Bar

Stamford’s Very Own Taste of Spain

By 9irlinthe9reenscarf

As a new resident of Stamford, I came across Barcelona one Saturday night after going to the movies with a friend.  Around 11:30, after finding most bars closed, we were happy to finally find Barcelona booming with music and still allowing people inside. Coming from a bit farther North and familiar with the bar’s locations in Fairfield and New Haven, I was excited to try this place out!  And with locations in Greenwich, SoNo, West Hartford and Atlanta who hasn’t been to a Barcelona? (Even my mother has!)

I must say, the inside surprised me.  It was very intimate, even with the loud music playing in the background. Stamford Barcelona features a circular type bar, where guests can sit and chat in the dark ambiance of the inside. Wood plank walls are accented with a variety of framed prints and industrial style light fixtures hang from the ceiling. The menu was displayed in front of you above the bar written on chalk-board; very cool. With names like the “Autumn Tangelo”, “Putnam Buck”, “SoNo Southerner” and “Ginger Maple Sidecar” their extensive and creative cocktail list tempts you to try more than one! Barcelona’s huge wine room was stacked with an impressive variety of wines that even a non-wine drinker might be tempted to sample.

Barcelona Wine Cooler

At this time of night, the 20+ tables that surrounded the bar-top area were empty.  The young bartenders were very attentive. The music, the crowd, and the atmosphere will keep you from leaving, so our “let’s stop by for a drink” turned into “a few” Long Islands later!

Such a fun night scene for the young professional, but also a top on my list for a night out with that someone special. I will definitely be back to test out the food next!   Tini’s up!  – 9irlinthe9reenscarf

Barcelona Wine Bar Stamford

222 Summer Street, Stamford, CT         203-348-4800

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