Barnum Publick House

Great New Bar in Bridgeport

Barnum Publick House

The New Kid in Downtown Bridgeport

With all the teasers going out on Facebook and the talk around Bridgeport, this place had a lot to live up to. We stopped by the Grand Opening to take a peek and see what all the buzz was about, and it didn’t disappoint! From the etched glass windows and doors displaying a big “B” reminiscent of ol’ P.T. Barnum himself to the tasteful, Roaring 20’s-inspired décor, the Barnum Publick House is destined to be a local favorite. The newest addition to a growing cadre of upscale bars and eateries, BPH is the new “baby” of owners Steve, Alfie and Robert who welcomed us at the door and took a few moments to chat even though the place was packed and more still coming in.

Making our way to the bar, we ordered up a martini and a beer.  Drinks in hand, we wandered around chatting with our many friends who all agreed that BPH was going to be a hit. The Honorable Mayor Bill was also on hand for the ribbon cutting and to share in the festivities.

The kitchen was cranking out platters of delicious finger foods which disappeared as quickly as they came out. Pulled pork sliders, juicy beef and shredded chicken all accompanied by a complementary sauce were but a few of the tasty delectable’s on the menu. Finally ready for a new drink, Dave approached Gregory, the master drink wizard at the far end of the bar. Now, watching Gregory create a cocktail was like watching Nureyev dance Swan Lake… balanced, graceful and totally in control. The Cosmo that was placed in front of me was a sight to behold! And it tasted even better than it looked! So was the Sparkling Raspberry Martini that a friend was sipping, yummy! It is my greatest hope that Gregory is on staff and not just brought in for the evening. That man can make a cocktail!

We understand the Sunday Brunch with the endless Mimosas and killer Bloody Mary’s is incredible and is a definite “to do” on our list. Check out Barnum Publick House’s Facebook page for pics!

So, have you been to the Barnum Publick House yet? Tell us what you think. And if not, then we recommend you visit, and soon! Tell them the Martini Hunters sent ya!


1020 Broad Street, Bridgeport   203-690-1044

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