Bouzy Gastropub

Bouzy Gastropub

Having Fun Getting Bouzy

I have a thing… for sitting outside at a cozy bistro or restaurant, enjoying a glass of something and possibly some lunch or dinner. Well, yesterday being one of the gorgeous days that SoCal is known for, my Assistant and I opted to check out the scene at Bouzy in Redondo Beach.

A part of the Chez Melange empire, Bouzy is a gastropub that one would walk through to get to Chez. Now, The Hubs and I are fans of Chez and have been visiting there together since we began dating. A few years back there was a move by Chez Melange to its’ present location and at that time the wonderful Bouzy was born.


Out front one notices the edible garden and a small patio with comfy outdoor sofas as well as a few small tables. Indoors is an energetic bar with tables as well as booths. I wanted to relax and indulge my ‘thing’ so we were happy to notice an available 2 top inviting us to relax on the patio. With Happy Hour still going on we settled in and ordered our drinks… a Quartino of Tolosa Cab from Paso Robles for the Hubs ($5, can you believe it?) and a Tom Collins for me. With Happy Cocktail Hour offerings like Tom Collins, Bourbon Cooler, a Pommy Martini and the Bouzy Hurricane at $4, how could I not?  Now, I haven’t had a Tom Collins since my teen years (back in the dark ages to you) but this was the perfect afternoon for this tart and sweet libation. I have to admit it went down way too easy, a peril of delicious cocktails, don’t you agree?

The menu lists 3×3’s and 4×5’s. It took us a moment to figure out that it meant that there were 3 options at $3 each and well, I bet you can figure out what the 4×5 is ;-).   With a 3×3 menu that offers Guacamole and Chips, Fried Chicken Livers and an All Beef Hot Dog with Sauerkraut and mustard we opted to skip the Chicken Livers and try the other two. The 4×5’s are Irish Nachos (fries, cheddar, sour cream, bacon and chives), Grilled Cheese with Fontina and Pear, Pork and Cheese Chili Relleno and Beef Tacos. The Grilled Cheese teased me, it sounded amazing but we opted to try the Tacos and hopefully preserve our waistlines.

Rachel got our Happy Hour choices out to us and we scarfed it all down quickly. The Tacos were so delish, strips of beef with the accompaniment offered on an interesting soft multigrain tortilla that allowed us to imagine we were being healthy SoCalifornians as we enjoyed. A small plate of Chips and Guac had the handcrafted look as well as taste that we’ve come to expect here and Hubs loved the Hot Dog so much we asked mother (okay, Rachel) if we might have another, as well as 2 more Quartinos of Red and a Chili Relleno before the 6:00 deadline. I gotta say, the Relleno wasn’t our fave but that’s small potatoes compared to the rest.

Bouzy Gastropub

At Chez and Bouzy, co-owner and Chef Robert Bell uses locally sourced and seasonal ingredients to dish up some amazing dishes that change nightly. The other co-owner, Michael Franks makes sure that the front of house runs smoothly and visits with diners frequently, adding that personal touch we love. Every time we’ve visited either establishment we’ve been welcomed by Michael and yesterday he and his wife both stopped by to chat.

This is a place where it’s easy to feel like family.  We enjoyed the folks of Redondo strolling past as we relaxed, chatted about our day and upcoming vacation, all a block away from the beach. There’s nothing better than ocean air, good nibbles and some wine or cocktails to end a stressful week, don’t you agree?  ~ibbabs


Bouzy Gastropub

1611 S. Catalina Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA




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