Casbah Moroccan Restaurant

Casbah Moroccan Restaurant

Rock the Casbah!

While on a road trip from FL to CT recently with Tina, my sis -in-law, we stopped along the way to enjoy all (or some) of what Savannah, GA had to offer.  Trust me, 5 hours is not nearly enough time to spend there, but it had to make do since we had such a long trip ahead of us.  Since dinner time had rolled around and we didn’t want to stop when we got back on the road, we wandered into Casbah for a little Moroccan fare.  I have to admit, I had been here once before on an overnight trip and wanted to see if it was as good as I remembered.  Neither Tina nor I were disappointed!

Once you step in the door you are immediately transported to a place far away from the Georgia heat.  The decor offers lush gold and burgundy velvet fabric draped from the ceiling, oriental rugs, and the coolest wavy leather lamps which are hand painted using henna.  So cool in fact that I bought one at the in-restaurant bazaar. I fell in love with this on my first visit, and since I was driving instead of flying, it seemed as good a time as ever to pick it up. I figured my husband would miss me so much after 8 days away, maybe he wouldn’t notice a new 3 ft. tall floor lamp in the living room.

The tables and seating are relatively low, but comfortable.  Jordan, our server, offered us silverware if we choose to eat that way (we did accept) – but either way he comes by both before and after the meal with a pitcher of warm water and a basin to wash your hands.  After the meal the washing is followed by a nice rinse with rose water. Jordan himself had an incredible personality, asking about us, as well as sharing insights about him and the restaurant.  Periodically throughout the evening the music would change and we were entertained by a wonderful, classy belly dancer. It was great to see that she spent as much or more time dancing for us – and not just the men in the restaurant. (BTW, tips are accepted and appreciated by the dancers)

The bar menu consists of various Indian/Middle-Eastern beers and wines, as well as some domestic choices. I opted for a Taj Mahal (when in Rome, or the Middle East…), while Tina simply went with a sweet tea.  We both started our meal with the Shrimp with Caramelized Apricots – offering a delicate apricot sweetness, a hint of nutmeg and finished off with sesame seeds. Tina’s entree was Chicken & Sweet Onions – a grilled boneless chicken breast with caramelized sweet red onions and raisins and a cinnamon and saffron tfaya sauce – which disappeared!  Since she doesn’t have a huge appetite, I took this as a good sign!  I opted for the Vegetables Tagine – seasonal garden vegetables in a shermoula (Chermoula – cilantro, lemon, garlic, cumin) sauce, topped with peels of preserved lemon and Mediterranean olives – YUMMY!

What meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert, right? If you ever visit Casbah, be sure to save room for the Howla.  This is a splendid little Phyllo pocket filled with dried fruit, chocolate chips, and a tiny bit of coconut, which is baked and served warm.  All I can say is, “WOW”!   By: Sueloru

Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Savannah!

Casbah   118 East Broughton Street, Savannah, GA      912.234.6168 




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