Crave in Ansonia

A Manhattan-Style Bistro

One place I love to go, either for lunch or dinner is Crave in Ansonia. The name meets its food, drinks and New York style atmosphere.    The décor reminds you of a lower Manhattan bistro.  Intimate,  nice low mood lighting and friendly.  Now I know some of you out there might say New York style in Ansonia?  Well it’s true. You step in and you’re transported to the city.  The food is great though it’s not a large menu.  There are always great specials, too!

Now for the drinks. Yes they have a selection of about 20 different martinis. Yes, I did say twenty.  How about a Cherry Cosmopolitan or a… are you ready for this…Pants on the Ground Martini!  They offer a great Mojito and of course a fabulous bartender in our buddy, Matt.   Quick story… A bunch of us were there for a friend’s birthday.  Being the great friends that we are, we gave our friend a martini glass as her birthday gift.  The beautiful martini glass had a recipe on the bottom. CraveWell wouldn’t you know the bartender knew that before we did!  He then proceeded to make the martini for us.  No charge.  Even better!  Way to go, Matt!

There happens to be a little boutique next door to Crave and they share the same owner.  The owner opened up her shop, “Only For Her”, 12 years ago without the thought of opening up a restaurant, but then she opened Crave 5 years ago and it’s been going strong ever since, just like her boutique.  If you make a purchase there she will give you a 10% discount to Crave.  Shopping and martinis… you can’t beat that!

So if you’re looking for a great time, a place not too big, warm atmosphere and fabulous martinis, head on over to Crave.  You may even find us sitting there enjoying a cocktail or two! – MrsLadyLeisure

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