Eighty Jarvis

Eighty Jarvis

A Hilltop Surprise in Holyoke

After a great day in Western Massachusetts, my friend and I grabbed a bite to eat before I hopped on the highway to battle traffic back to Connecticut. Located on a hilltop with views of the nearby mountains, Eighty Jarvis was a pleasant surprise. An open and inviting dining room and bar offered clean lines, natural woods and windows to take advantage of the view… lots of windows.



View at Eighty Jarvis

View at Eighty Jarvis


We were quickly seated at a corner window table and presented with menus. Robbie our waiter/bartender promptly appeared and chatted about the many interesting and mouthwatering dishes that Chef Nick (which one, I have no idea as there are two) has created using seasonal, local produce and other ingredients. After a brief glance at the wine list we selected a Malbec and a Red Zin to accompany the Chef’s Special for the day, Maine Lobster over Herbed Gnocchi, cherry tomatoes and grilled broccolini in a sherry butter sauce with garlic and fresh lemon.

While waiting for our entrée, Robbie and I discussed the merits of various spirits that are used as a base for martinis.  Apparently Robbie enjoys creating new martinis (I knew I liked him).  A Maple Bourbon will soon be on the menu as well as a botanical gin martini with a thyme infused simple syrup… intriguing to say the least.  Our beautifully presented entrée arrived and smelled wonderful.  Digging in, Lynn and I rolled our eyes in pleasure. 


Lobster and Herb Gnocchi at Eighty Jarvis

Lobster and Herb Gnocchi


The gnocchi was light and flavorful pairing well with the succulent lobster and somewhat tart sherry sauce.  The grilled broccolini was crunchy and a nice contrast to the tender tomatoes.  It didn’t last long on our plates.  Thankfully our manners kicked in and we restrained ourselves from licking our plates; our mommas would be proud.

During the meal, Robbie stopped by with a surprise.  He made us the botanical gin martini we had discussed.   As it lounged there in its chilled glass it looked quite like a traditional gin martini garnished with an olive, basil leaf and cucumber slice. 


Eighty Jarvis Martini

80 J Martini


Taking a sip I was startled by the complex flavors, particularly the thyme.  Not expecting a semi-sweet taste it was extremely smooth with no alcohol bite and one could easily lead to two or four.  Robbie waited for the verdict and was pleased when I heaped high praise on his creation and immediately asked for the recipe!  Using Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin, St. Germain Liquer and a home-made thyme infused simple syrup this was simple yet elegant but it did not have a name.  Well, we can’t have that so I hereby christen it the 80-J Martini!


Tammy with Robbie at Eighty Jarvis

Tammy with Robbie


We chatted a bit more, finished up our meal and promised Robbie we’d be back.  I’ll make it a point to return and enjoy more of the delicious creations and libations on the hilltop at Eighty Jarvis.  Cheers!


Eighty Jarvis,  80 Jarvis Avenue, Holyoke, MA  413-534-4000
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