Enzo’s BBQ & Alehouse

You’ll cry for the sauce

By Racey 113

After my trip to Enzo’s last night I’m now a fan of great BBQ.   As I walked in, I’m surprised to find a place with such a great layout in a strip mall setting; next door to Chipotle and Panda Express.  So I sit down at the bar with my wife, with a full of the kitchen, where we watch the chefs cook some mean looking ribs and wings that look to die for.

As I order a Mirror Pond Pale Ale and my wife asks the waitress about the wing sauce, I notice that the guy cooking looks just like the guy on the menu. “It ‘s Enzo,” I said.  He heard us asking our waitress about the wing sauce and beer selection so he came out of the kitchen to talk to us. As we told him that we really liked hot wings Enzo said, “I have a sauce that will make you cry.” So we took him up on that and also ordered a BBQ brisket sandwich, award winning baby back ribs and a meat lovers flatbread. I already knew that Enzo knows how to please customers with his beer lineup written on the wall which included Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Chimay, Ale Smith, Port Brewing and many others to choose but what I didn’t know was how good the food would be too. They have 16 beers on tap and 40 bottled beers, quite an impressive selection!

As we start on the wings I begin to sweat and my wife starts sucking down her beer in a desperate attempt to undo what’s happening to her lips.  We both have that burning lip sensation from the wing sauce but we continue to indulge until they’re gone!  As we finished off the wings we received our BBQ and flatbread which was covered in andouille sausage, ham, bacon, pepperoni and Italian sausage. I thought to myself, holy crap I have I never seen a pizza with so much meat! And a brisket sandwich with so much dang meat as well!  As we scarf down the amazing food, Enzo comes out to check on us and we end up talking about the craft beer selection and his vision for it. He told us about his rotating beer selection as we enjoyed his diabolical BBQ creations with the best sauces I have ever tasted.

As we finished up our meal which took some time since the portions were so generous we enjoyed the feeling of this family owned BBQ alehouse in biking distance from our house. During this time lots of regulars came in yelling Enzo’s name and sharing stories with him.  As we left and got on our bike’s to ride home we were thanked personally by Enzo and sent away with our leftovers.

I thought to myself there is something about the pairing of a great BBQ sauce and a fine IPA which is hard to find.  I knew I’d be returning to Enzo’s again very soon to treat myself to appetizing partnership.  So if you find yourself in Oceanside, California check out Enzo’s.  And if I’m there too, buy me a beer.   Racey 113

Enzo’s BBQ & Alehouse

4111 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA                    760-643-9602
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