Fan Poll: Classics, Gin or Martinis?

Fan Poll:  Classics, Gin or Martinis?

We’re all about the cocktail!  We’ve come up with a few ideas and want to know what type of fan event you’re interested in.  So take a look at these and let us know which one piques your interest or tickles your fancy.


Classic Cocktails by a Master Bartender – Leave behind the sugary concoctions that are on most cocktail menus and try hand crafted, classic cocktails made by a skilled, trained bartender.  Manhattans, Old Fashioneds,  Negronis and Martinis made with premium spirits and fresh ingredients.  You’ll have an entirely new perspective on things!

Gin 101-More than just Tanqueray – Did you know there’s more to Gin than Tanqueray?  Learn about the different flavor profiles of a hand-picked selection of premium Gins.   Then explore delicious cocktails made by a skilled bartender using a variety of premium Gin; each lending its own unique flavor characteristics to the cocktail.

Martinis and Me – There’s more to life than an overly sweet Cosmo or Dirty Martini overloaded with olive juice.  Time to taste how these, and other popular Martinis, are meant to taste.  Educate your palate and expand your martini horizons!

Anything Goes!  – Get ready for anything!  Jalapenos?  Thyme?  Dried fruit? Tea?  Bacon?  Enjoy the most creatively delicious, refreshing flavors you’ve ever experienced in a cocktail!  Got an idea?  Our skilled, talented bartenders will take it to a new level!  This will be an all out fun-fest!

Got an idea? Pop it in the poll below because we want to know.  Stay tuned for the results!

Thanks for voting, cheers!


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