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After hearing about this new restaurant in Oceanside from several friends of mine, I finally decided to check it out with a girlfriend. Having grown up in Oceanside my whole life, I am very familiar/tired of the same old places.  I LOVE wine and good food but most importantly, atmosphere!  If I wanted to just drink good wine and eat good food I would do it in my own home but there’s something about the adventure of finding new places that have a fun and interesting ambiance, you know?  A place to escape to for some quality time with friends or family.

As I approached The Flying Pig, there wasn’t much to it from the outside. It’s just a plain white building next door to an automotive shop with the restaurant’s sign on the side. It’s small and from the outside you really would have no idea of what a treat is inside!  As you walk in you enter what can only be described as a vintage 70’s decor.  Their menus are made of old record covers and there are tons of eclectic art pieces on the walls.  The colors take you in and urge you to want to spend time there. The bar is in the back corner and there are all different size tables scattered about the floor of the restaurant with a couch and loungers in the back. The tables are set with mismatched water glasses. Later you are served your food with different size and design of dishes and plates, adding to the eclectic vibe. The place is great for grabbing a drink by yourself in the comfy La-Z-Boy or inviting your entire family for a special occasion. The smells are delightful with strong scents of garlic and herbs.

When it isn’t busy they allow you to seat yourself, which I love. Don’t you just hate it when there is no one in a restaurant yet they seat you off in the corner in the least desirable location – because “that is where the waitress’s section is”?  My friend and I found a pub table with comfy chairs right next to the big couch, just in case we drank too much and needed to lie down! We discovered they have a very extensive wine list with many high end bottles but a variety of economical choices as well. We ended up picking a scrumptious bottle of organic Syrah after the waitress brought several other tasters for us – Nice touch!

Their happy hour consists of a buck off of all drafts and wines by the glass and a variety of food choices. We ordered the grilled bread and chimichurri oil and the grilled flatbread (pizza). The chimichurri was delightful with a perfect blend of flavors. The grilled flatbread – so delicious with tons of garlic and house made ricotta accompanied by arugula and salami. Their food is definitely not any typical bar food.  It was hard to decide with other options like a meat and cheese plate, which they call a Charcuterie plate or goat cheese and garlic dip. We weren’t supposed to be getting dinner as our men were at home waiting for us to eat with them, but we couldn’t resist!  The waitress explained the specials with a drip of drool coming off her lips…. hmmmm.  We just couldn’t say no! We ordered a house made pasta akin to a gnocchi pasta but it looked more like an Italian pillow stuffed with cheese in a sauce of reduced pork and short ribs – to die for! Can you tell I like food much!?

I loved the food, wine and ambience so much I brought another girlfriend the following week and the consistency in service and food quality was impressive. My favorite part is that I never felt rushed out or a burden.  They were not pumping tables in and out the door like some chain restaurants do.  I just can’t wait to go back and savor the food and atmosphere, this time introducing my husband to my new find.  In fact, talking about it, I think we will go tonight! – Racy113

The Flying Pig Pub and Kitchen

626 South Tremont St., Oceanside, CA         760.453.2940 
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