Geronimo’s Tequila Bar & Southwest Grill

Geronimo's Tequila Bar & Southwest Grill

iPads and Tequila

Summer weather always has me craving a patio and a glass of something icy and delicious.  We didn’t find the summer thing, but on a recent stroll down Crown Street in New Haven we found Geronimo’s Southwest Grill and Tequila Bar.

Geronimos Logo

Opened in 2007, this Southwest gastro pub features a large open air patio situated overlooking Crown Street. The warm January evening had me wishing it was June so we could enjoy our dinner outside…oh well.  Inside, Geronimo’s has a good sized bar, lot’s of table seating and a rustic Southwest charm highlighted by buffalo skulls, strings of dried chilies, an adobe fireplace and candles everywhere.  Geronimo’s is named for the legendary Apache Indian whose remains are rumored to reside somewhere on the campus of Yale University here in New Haven.  Any ideas, Yalies?

They also have an amazing selection of over 300 of the finest tequilas just waiting to be enjoyed.  Now, I’m not a tequila aficionado but this was impressive even to me. 

Tequila Bar at Geronimos


Taking a seat at the bar (where else, right?) there’s an iPad sitting in front of us.  Ok, this is a first for us.  Being the techie that I am, I love all things gadgety, so I start playing with it and discover that it’s the menu!  Geronimo’s actually has an app for their menu, complete with photos and descriptions.  How cool is that?

Geronimos iPad Menu

Our bartender, Rich, promptly appears to take our order.  Knowing little about tequila, except that it can be detrimental to the filter between the brain and the mouth, Rich suggests a Blood Orange Margarita made with fresh juices and Geronimo’s own label tequila infused with jalapeno.  Dave opts for an icy cold Corona with lime as, of course, there’s no Labatt Blue to be had.

The Blood Orange Margarita

The extensive food menu offers something for every palate and the Pork Relleno served with Sierra Nevada black beans and a smoky tomato sauce was our choice on this night.  Equally as long, the cocktail menu includes a decent wine and beer selection, tequilas of every variety and offers Geronimo Margarita’s by the glass or pitcher.  It also invites guests to “Let us be your tequila story”.  Ok, not something I’m likely to take them up on as, you see, I’ve got one of those, and it shall never be spoken of.  After all, what happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville.  Wink, wink.  

Rich served up our cocktails and food, which promptly disappeared.  It was gone so fast that no relleno pics were to be had for this story.  Nearly everything on the menu is freshly made in-house and the bison and elk come from South Dakota farms.

Their new General Manager, Anthony, came over to introduce himself and upon hearing that this was our first visit, invited us to  check out the party room in the basement, complete with another full bar.  Descending the circular stairs (it must be very entertaining to watch guests on those after a few cocktails!) we discovered a beautiful stone room with a corner wine alcove and candles.  Very cozy.  (Photo compliments of Geronimos)

Geronimos Party Room


Bidding Geronimo ‘adios’, we head into the night.  Looking back, Dave states that a return visit with a group of friends is in the cards for summer.  I couldn’t agree more.  Cheers!



Geronimo Tequila Bar & Grill
271 Crown Street, New Haven, CT

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