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“Why drink a bad cocktail when there are so many good ones out there just waiting to be found?”


Taste the AdventureAbout MartiniHunter

Founded in 2012 by Tammy Torres and Dave Hennessy, this site is in its infancy.  Our goal is to be the website of choice for Nutmeg-ers looking for a good cocktail or a bite to eat.  We’re based in upper New Haven County, but with the help of our small group of adventurous “hunters,” aka contributors and guest writers, we are branching out around Connecticut.  Interested in joining us? Drop us a note.

MartiniHunter was created for folks like us, who enjoy a well-made cocktail and some good food to go with it.  We built the site, now we hope that you’ll join in the adventure.  Whether you like a Dirty Martini, a Mojito or a classic Old Fashioned, enjoy a good one and make it count.  Like craft beer?  Wine?  There’s room for everyone on MartiniHunter and as we grow, so too, will our offerings.  If this sounds like fun, begin your own adventure and share it here so other like-minded folk can discover it for themselves.  You’re driving, so tell us where you want to go.

Our Philosophy

We’re adventurous and look for great cocktails and good bartenders in those hidden or overlooked restaurants, pubs and dives around our neighborhood and around the good old 203/860.  We’ll track down a hot lead on a creative bartender, an inspiring libation or a great bar.  Hear about a new micro-brew? Our Beer Hunters will be happy to give it a try.  Our new group, “The Girls Who Wine” will soon be sharing their experiences at the many great vineyards CT has to offer.  We’re excited to meet owners, bartenders and other writers whose work dovetails with our own.  Hey, we’re all in this together why not celebrate it?

Many hours and late nights go into bringing our experiences to life for our readers.  We check out new locations, interview owners and bartenders then power up the laptop to write and edit our stories for our fans.  Sometimes our experience is disappointing but, we’re all human and understand that everyone has an off night.  They get the benefit of the doubt and we’ll visit several times before declaring defeat.  When that happens we simply don’t write about it.

Some say that, in doing so, we lack credibility. We disagree.  We appreciate how challenging it is to run a restaurant or pub.  The entire staff from the busboys to the chef, wait staff to the owner, work hard, put in long hours and deserve our admiration.  In general, we don’t announce our visit so should the place not measure up we’ll quietly pay our tab and leave. They’ll never know we were there and neither will anyone else.

This philosophy has served us well and we don’t intend to stray from it.  These are our experiences; we encourage you to begin your own adventure right here on MartiniHunter.   It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it, right?




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Our Charitable Commitment

We enthusiastically support various non-profit organizations that are meaningful to us. If these charities resonate with you, please consider helping them with their cause – Tammy & Dave


By using the website, you acknowledge that you are of legal drinking age or 21 years of age, whichever is greater. MartiniHunter.com is intended for use by responsible adults of legal eating and drinking age who seek new locations to enjoy a good cocktail. MartiniHunter.com assumes no liability, either expressed or implied and makes no warranty regarding the business establishments referenced herein as your experiences and personal choices may vary.
As always, please drink responsibly.
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