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Amanda Torres – “MandyPandy”

Advertising Ace

Advertising Ace by day; energetic social goer by night.  When she’s not found fundraising for a local non-profit, Amanda enjoys running, spending time with family and touring the CT Wine Trail with her girlfriends. Her drink of choice is usually a nice Malbec or Pinot Noir, although she regularly broadens her palette opting for the next big “drink” on her frequent hunting excursions.

Daughter of MartiniHunter Co-Founder, Tammy Torres, Amanda found MartiniHunter as the perfect way to couple her love for a good happy hour with finding new restaurants to hunt with her best friend, Stephanie.
E-mail: amanda@martinihunter.com

Barbara Fuller Fleming – “ibbabs”

West Coast Wine Lover

Newly settled in Prescott Arizona, Barbara and her assistant ‘The Hubs’ enjoy exploring Prescott and Scottsdale.  But she’s not ready to let go of her Los Angeles roots yet so look forward to a wide variety of hunting.

With a preference for Happy Hours, Robust Reds and Sweet-ish Whites she ‘takes it for the team’ and indulges in the occasional cocktail as well. A story teller by nature, this Hunter loves to bring you the dish on some of her faves while injecting a bit of her own experience, hopefully with a bit of humor.

Babs invites you to take a peek at her posts, loves your input and wants to be liked by all so don’t forget to ‘like’ her posts.
E-mail: info@martinihunter.com

Dan McNichol – “GoneYakin”

Adventurous Explorer

Welcome our newest Hunter, Dan McNichol aka “GoneYakin”.

An appreciation of nature and the unique perspective afforded from the cockpit of a kayak has led me to some really unique adventures. Whether it’s paddling the Sound in CT, or a lake in the Rockies, I continue to search for places just off the map, preferring alligators in the Everglades to some mouse in Orlando. No package vacations for me, I prefer the self-induced adventures that await us all if we only go look for them.

MartiniHunter didn’t have to work very hard to recruit me, as finding unique places to eat and drink is just another tour off the established map that I’m happy to take. The MartiniHunter philosophy fits right in with a desire to explore the nooks and cranny’s of the neighborhood, state, country and world. Look for me anywhere there’s good water, good vistas, and good eats and drinks. But… don’t bring a map.
E-mail: info@martinihunter.com

Don and Beth Hunt – “BeerHunts”

Beer Gurus

Hunting an icy cold beer comes naturally to this dynamic duo as they hike the many trails and mountains of Connecticut with their Springer Spaniel, Auggie.

Don and Beth also enjoy gardening, good restaurants, live music and – of course – finding a cool bar to hang out in. They are not big martini fans (Beth has an occasional one – very dirty, please) but they do love beer. They especially love the seasonal beers that come around throughout the year. Summer brews starting in June, Oktoberfest in the fall, winter ales when the snow falls, spring ales for the thaw – and everything in between. When not tinkering in the garden they can be found trekking to the B-Ball Capital of CT for a UConn game.

Avid UConn fans, they can be found at many a home football or basketball game so be sure to raise a glass and shout “Go UConn” should you find them.
E-mail: info@martinihunter.com

Frank Szivos – “Fast Frankie”

Slightly Stirred

Our good friend and freelance writer, Frank Szivos, is intent on uncovering life’s every day moments that just make you go…hmmmmm? Check out his column, Slightly Stirred, for interesting articles on life in general but nothing in particular. Enjoy at your own risk.
E-mail: info@martinihunter.com

Kathleen Stauffer – “mysticK”

To Sip and To Savor

Shuttling from New York to New London to Paris will either stress or inspire. Riding so many trains and planes led Kathleen aka “mysticK” to take a little of this and a little of that from all of those far-flung places she visited as a photojournalist and publisher. She began to cook for relaxation on that odd day off. mysticK never met an unusual food she didn’t like. So hang on to your hats, folks. You’ve entered a world of sweetbreads, calves’ head, tripe, pork belly and … yes, indeed, fish heads and saffron stews.

Sit back, read, and enjoy! If it isn’t absolutely delicious, mysticK just won’t bother with it. That’s her promise and she’s sticking to it.E-mail: info@martinihunter.com

Liz Robinson- “The Beer Wench”

NonProfit Diva

Meet our newest Hunter, Liz aka The Beer Wench. Join Liz as she explores the Connecticut Beer Trail and microbreweries in search of the next icy cold mug.
E-mail: info@martinihunter.com

Rhonda DeLetis- “Rhontini”

Fundraiser by Day, Fun Raiser by Night!

Rhonda has helped raise millions of dollars during her 20+ year career in the Fairfield County non-profit community. An avid volunteer; she enjoys time with family, cheering on her son’s football team, getting into a good book, finding new beaches and enjoying refreshing drinks with friends. More a wine than martini fan, Rhonda loves a nice glass of red over something very dirty. She can be found this summer touring the CT wine trail for local favorites and discovering new places to meet her girlfriends over a bite and a libation.

E-mail: info@martinihunter.com

Stephanie Pirhala – “9irlinthe9reenscarf “

Down County Social Explorer

Looking for somewhere to live in Stamford, CT? Come see Stephanie! A twenty-something young professional, who when not leasing and managing apartments during the day, likes to stroll the streets of her new hometown in search of the best restaurants, bars, shopping, nightlife, and activities. When not out exploring all that the city has to offer, Steph enjoys hanging out with her family, her friends and especially with fellow Hunter, MandyPandy.

So if you see her at a local Stamford or South Norwalk hot spot be sure to stop and say “hi”… ‘Tini’s Up!”
E-mail: info@martinihunter.com

Sue Lorusso – “Sueloru”

Wine Foodie

Being raised by an Italian mother who was an excellent cook, life at home was often centered around meals – so Sue morphed into a foodie at a very early age.  Now when she’s not in the kitchen cooking up something herself, she enjoys trying food from various ethnic backgrounds, usually paired with a nice glass of wine.  When she is not hunting, she enjoys visiting local wineries with her husband Joe (you can never have too much wine!), gardening, biking, or relaxing with friends and family.

You may bump into Sue and Joe as they wander Central Connecticut and the Wine Trail in search of their next great bottle. Be sure to tip your glass their way.
E-mail: info@martinihunter.com

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