Here’s a few commonly asked questions…

First let us clarify… we support Connecticut’s growing Cocktail Culture and it’s related small businesses so you won’t find a franchise restaurant here.  We prefer to showcase Connecticut’s many great locally owned places on MartiniHunter.  They’re working hard to bring you great cocktails and good food and really, that’s what it’s all about.

Q. What do you look for when you visit?

Bartenders:  Let’s be honest, you won’t get a great cocktail without a talented, well-trained bartender.  These guys and gals are the backbone of CT cocktail culture and we do our best to find them and support them every chance we get.  Be sure to drop us a note if you know a great bartender; we’ll be sure to check them out!

Martinis & Cocktails: Is there a cocktail or martini menu comprised of original, creative or classic beverages?  Unusual infusions or ingredients?  Fresh juices? Local spirits (our fave!) or the better varieties of gin, vodka, bourbon, etc.  And don’t forget the garnish!  Are they tiny little pieces of semi-hard citrus that have seen better days?

Beers & Wines:  Is there a good or impressive selection of beers and wines for the beer and wine lovers among us?  Do they feature local microbreweries? Local vineyards?

Cleanliness: You know what they say; if the bathroom is dirty, the bar & kitchen probably are, too.

Fun factor: You just gotta have fun or it’s not worth going out!  Tongue Out

Good staff/service: Personable, engaging, humorous… just plain nice people.  If you have great staff, you’ll generally have great service.

Atmosphere: Was the place comfortable, interesting, quirky; inviting? Does it have anything unique to set it apart?

Food: We’re a cocktail culture blog but we gotta eat.  While we can’t possibly eat the entire menu like that guy on TV, we know what we like. We’ll take a good burger, locally grown produce and fresh ingredients over a fancy French meal any day.

Value: Hey, the economy sucks and disposable income is long gone so getting good food and drinks at a fair price is noteworthy.  We expect to pay more for hand-crafted cocktails made from fresh and premium ingredients; it’s only fair.

Q. How do I get my bar/pub/restaurant on your list?

As we’re sure you could tell, we’re not the usual website that has lists upon lists of every bar and pub in the area like it’s the yellow pages.  We simply write about places we like.  Those really good pubs and restaurants that make delicious cocktails, good food and employ talented bartenders to boot.

We’re here to help you, so send us an email and we’ll pop in for a visit as quick as we can.

Q. Why haven’t you been to ______ yet?

Connecticut may be small but it still has 5,543 square miles and that’s a lot of turf to cover.  Our small band of Hunters are working hard to follow-up, find and check-out all the great places we get leads on and usually the day job gets in the way.  If you’re interested in helping us out as a “Hunter-in-Training” drop us a line here, we’re always on the look out for new talent.

Q. Can MartiniHunter.com advertise a Happy Hour, weekly event or special event for us?

Absolutely! Send us the WWW$ (when, where, why/who & how much) and we’ll add it to our events calendar.

For Happy Hours, please send us the date/time and any specials or discounts you’re offering.

In return we simply ask you to share the love; give us a shout out on Facebook and Twitter and of course, recommend they check out this site for more great places.  Please tag @MartiniHunter in your posts and tweets.

Q. Does MartiniHunter hold events?

Check out our Events here and on our Facebook page!

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