Howley’s Restaurant

Howley’s Restaurant

1950’s Glory Restored

There are so many “Snow-birds” down here… “Former North-Easterners” always moaning that there “AIN’T ANY” good diners here in South Florida. Well, hey! They’ve not been to Howley’s Restaurant in West Palm Beach! This has been a landmark with the locals on Dixie Highway for breakfast and late night meals since 1950. Fully restored and brought back to its original glory in 2004, this icon has some of the best desserts and cocktails in the area.

My friend Dayna and I have recently gone and sat at the bar with the old wobbly red/metal rotating stools(how retro is that?!) and since we had just eaten dinner at another establishment all we wanted a drink and some dessert at Howley’s. Dayna ordered a Bellini, the pureed fresh peaches and champagne complimented the fresh peach cobbler ( I see a theme here… ) I ordered the Creamsicle Martini and the fresh mixed-berry pie ala mode. Large is not big enough to describe the size of the pie! I’m a known sweet lover and could not finish the entire thing in one sitting! The flavor of the martini brought me right back to my childhood in a single instant with fond memories of eating yummy creamsicles from those singing ice cream trucks that would put smiles on the faces of all the kids on Forest Ave., in upstate, NY! The bartender was so nice that she even added a special brownie for Dayna’s takeout Banana Cream Pie (one that her Boyfriend Howie can’t get enough of!) They also have the old-school metal containers for milk shakes and people have been known to drive many miles for the Large Banana Cream Pie.

A quick scan of the menu turns up a variety of dishes, with names like “Momma’s Hot Cakes”, the “Night Howley Special” and an appetizer section called “Snackaroos” which beckon you to partake and enjoy. The drink menu provides a nice list of wines, beers and specialty cocktails to complement the delicious menu. For me, another favorite feature of Howley’s is that you can order Breakfast at any time of the day!!

What? That’s not unique, you say?  Ok, so how many diner’s do you know that serve rockin’ martinis along with that “anytime” breakfast? LOL, Priceless!

 4700 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 561-833-5691

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