Hudson Grille – Stamford, CT

Hudson Grille - Stamford, CT

Set on the busy, well-known Bedford Street strip, Hudson Grille joins Stamford’s top theaters, restaurants and nightlife. At first glance, Hudson embodies a modern design with elegant wallpaper and tasteful lighting.  Your eyes are immediately drawn to the oval bar in the center with grand top-shelves, highlighting the range of spirits they have to offer.

We’ve been frequent patrons of Hudson since its opening in the summer of 2012. You know little Hunters, we would never steer you wrong – if you’re looking for a great restaurant that turns into a classy lounge late hours, we highly encourage you to stop by for a visit.

Let’s start with the drinks, obviously! Their cocktail menu features a range of mixed drinks for every palette.  On our night of hunting, we were greeted by a handsome bartender named Mike. After thoroughly debating our first cocktail we settled on two exciting options.  Steph opted for some heat with the “Jalapeño,” which features house-made jalapeño and orange infused tequila, for a spicy spin on an Original Margarita. (Careful Hunters: contrary to other spicy margaritas…this one is actually really spicy!) I elected the “Classic Flora Dora” being a fan of Gin. It creatively incorporates an array of ingredients ranging from candied ginger to Chambord. (It’s delicious!) If you’re just popping in for a bar side drink, be sure to try the crispy hand cut sweet potato fries, delicious!

Hudson Grill

Along with the cocktail menu, Hudson Grille offers an extensive wine list to accompany its wall of wine, which elegantly displays copious options for any wine connoisseur.  On a side note, Steph and I love our vino –especially on Thursday nights. The Graffigna Centenario Malbec and Dons & Sons Pinot Noir are two of our favorite options, Hunters!  We encourage you to try a bottle (or two).

For those Hunters looking for a weekend hot spot, be sure to stop in on a Friday or Saturday night.  The crowd at the entrance will show you just how popular this place gets.  Don’t worry about attire – you need not be super fancy but please –just don’t wear jeans and sneakers! Think “business casual.” Have your I.D. ready and the fabulous gentlemen at the door will guide you inside to a fabulous night.  Once the DJ begins playing the dancing, mingling and networking begins!

For those weekend nights, Hudson offers a second attractive bar at the back of the venue.  Don’t worry about not being able to grab a “Tito’s and soda” (a new fave of ours) before your favorite song is over; service is very fast and you’ll be back on the dance floor in no time!

photo 2

As you can tell, we love to enjoy Hudson Grille for its cocktails, wine and weekend activities; however, we have not yet had the chance to sit down for dinner. (Keep your eye out for that story!) What we do know, is whether it be lunch with a co-worker at the outdoor street-side seating, an intimate dinner for two or a private cocktail party, Hudson is sure to make your event well worth it.

So clearly, if you have not yet stepped into Hudson Grille of Stamford, make your way there.  No matter the season or day of the week, the atmosphere at Hudson is welcoming to all.  Be sure to tell them Steph and Mandy sent you!

Happy Hunting, and Tini’s Up!

Mandy & Steph

Hudson Grille
128 Bedford Street, Stamford, CT    (203) 883-8600
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