J. Timothy’s Taverne

J. Timothy's Taverne

Wings, Wings and More Wings!

Today we were greeted by Nikki and Hallie who were already seated in a booth nearby the bar.    Hallie recommended the “Little Black Dress” martini which Tammy decided to try.  Knowing they don’t carry Labatt Blue, I settled into my usual alternate beer, a Corona.  I like the lighter ales and pilsners as the craft beers tend to not be kind to my stomach.  So sorry, but you won’t find me often sampling a wide variety of beers.  Tammy’s well executed martini was sipped upon while we chatted with Hallie and Nikki about J. Timothy’s. We were delighted to find out that the owners of over 30 years are engaged in their community and employ several 20+ year veterans of J Timothy’s on their staff, including Hallie.  

We pondered at our food choice – what kind of wings today? Mallory was an immediate hit when she stated that I didn’t look “old enough” to come here in 2000… definitely made points with that!  As it’s been a while since our last visit we chose our old stand-by… Dirt Wings, the sauced – fried and re-sauced version that is dark in color, crispy and with a deep spicy flavor.  Get a few or a bucket (we always get a bucket so we can bring lots home) but definitely get some.  J. Timothy’s by far; ranks in my top five for the best wings, with a wide variety of flavors and a hearty meaty bone.

Hopefully soon we’ll sample some other menu selections which include numerous New England comfort foods like meatloaf and shepherd’s pie, awesome chowder, Mac & Cheese and other delightful sounding entrées.  Did I mention the wings?  J. Timothy’s offers a great menu, but by far the wings are what bring us back.  They move so many wings they added a drive-in cooler out back so they can load it all in and out with a fork lift!

Tammy’s second martini was their “New” Espresso martini which was declared remarkable, a definite repeat, and will be available on the martini menu next week.  Props to Kelly for the great pour,too.  They offer a variety of holiday and seasonal martinis so if you have a favorite just ask and they’re sure to make it for you.  Wait staff are always attentive and on guard for speedy service, too.

J. Timothy’s is always on our list to stop by as we travel past and time allows.   They also have banquet and party rooms, a huge dining room and usually ample parking.  It’s a great place to bring the whole family for a meal, which choices for all ages.  I am jealous of those who get to frequent this place more often and are the regulars who get to enjoy the welcoming charm of the staff and environment.  This is a place I wish was around the corner from us as it has the right stuff and the comfortable vibe to stop in more than every now and then. – Dave 

143 New Britain Ave, Plainville, CT     860-747- 6813

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