LUXE Wine Bar & Craft Cocktails

LUXE Wine Bar & Craft Cocktails

You’ll notice two things when you enter LUXE for the first time; it’s very cozy size and the lack of TV’s.  David Morton, LUXE’s hands-on owner, had no control over the size of the space but he purposefully made certain that there would be no ubiquitous televisions interfering with guests’ ability to socially interact.  “You’re here to have fun, so talk to each other.” 

Groups of friends come in and grab a table while singles will usually sit at the bar where David and the rest of the LUXE crew will unobtrusively encourage you to talk to their neighbor on the next barstool.  “It’s our responsibility to facilitate the social interactions and experience you have here at LUXE,” says David. 

LUXE barback

LUXE serves premium craft and small batch spirits.

It may be cozy inside LUXE, but the craft cocktails they’re serving up are big on flavor and quality.  The entire cocktail list is based on Prohibition-era classics.  You won’t find flavored spirits, a soda gun or bottle of sour mix here.  All juices are freshly pressed daily while garnishes are kept fresh and simple to enhance the flavors of the cocktail which is mixed using premium craft brand spirits.  Resident cocktail guru and head bartender, Jeff Marron, brings 22 years of passion and experience to the cocktail menu he created for LUXE.  Serious cocktail lovers will appreciate the Prohibition-era offerings; you’ll find a Bee’s Knees, a delightful cocktail made with Bar Hill Gin; the Sazerac, often called “America’s First Cocktail”; and the Corpse Reviver #2, a cocktail traditionally consumed as hair of the dog – a drink to refresh you after a heavy night.

We had the pleasure of sampling several from the menu and a couple that aren’t.  Let’s start with Dave’s Old Fashioned. The nuances of the craft bourbons used in creating this drink will play heavily on what you experience on your palate.  Contrary to popular belief, macerated fruits, soda water and shaking have no place in a properly made Old Fashioned.  W.L. Weller Bourbon from the Buffalo Trace Distillery is Jeff’s go-to for bourbon based cocktails.  “It plays well in cocktails, is a little softer and well balanced with a higher alcohol content.”   LUXE’s version was bar spoon stirred, smooth and left a pleasant finish on your tongue.  A definite winner in Dave’s book and a new addition to his friendly competition among bartenders.


LUXE – Cocktail heaven for the craft cocktail enthusiast

“The Sidewinder” provided me with a deliciously complex cocktail with an endless finish. Laird’s 7 ½ Year Old Apple Brandy is paired with Pimms, Gran Classico Bitters and Dr. Adam’s Teapot Bitters with some Himalayan Sea Salt to boot.  I can’t begin to describe the many layers this cocktail displays as you sip.  It’s not on the menu, but you can ask for it by name.  Jeff will be happy to make it and discuss the many tastes you’ll experience while enjoying this masterful creation.  The Sidewinder was prefaced by my first taste of a Bee’s Knees.   Clean and refreshing, the Hayman’s Old Tom Gin played nicely with the honey and lemon and was presented in a chilled coupe glass.

LUXE offers Happy Hour weekdays from 5-7 and is open till 1 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and till 2 a.m. on Fridays when you’re likely to find local food and beverage industry professionals enjoying the cocktails or even behind the bar playing in the cocktail chemistry lab.  Take our word on this; it’s worth getting there later in the evening as you may be invited to sample the cocktail lab creations!

The Crew at LUXE

Maive, David Morton, Dave & Tammy aka “The MartiniHunters” and Jeff Marron

We definitely fell into a cocktail heaven at LUXE.  When we asked David what he would like LUXE to be when it grows up he didn’t hesitate in his reply.  “A deeper craft cocktail talent pool and be the catalyst to spearhead the craft cocktail movement in Fairfield County to promote genuine mixology.”

David, I think you’re well on your way to making that a reality.  Cheers.

Update:  Since our visit, Jeff Marron has left LUXE to pursue other goals.  Best Wishes, Jeff and cheers!

LUXE Wine Bar & Craft Cocktails
190 Main Street, Westport, CT   203-349-5039
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