Pies & Pints of Middlebury

Pies & Pints of Middlebury

Really Good Italian in our Backyard

This was a special day; the launch date of MartiniHunter.com! Not having eaten all day, I was exhausted, excited and famished!  Having only had their take-out pizza previously, Pies & Pints was now under new ownership and with  a taste for some Italian, Dave and I decided we’d check them out and celebrate all of our hard work close to home.  Taking the shortest route to the bar we soon found a couple seats and parked ourselves.  The long bar resided on one side of the room with the other side devoted to a row of high-backed wood booths.  There’s also a dining room in the back.  The place was pretty full with most stools and booths occupied and it smelled delicious.  Taking a quick glance at the tables behind us, I saw an array of mouthwatering pizzas and pastas.  Boy that really set my appetite on overdrive!  Bring it on!

We were greeted by Dennis and Brandon, our two barkeeps for the evening.  Dave settled for his usual alternate beer, Corona of course, while I discovered that Dennis was also a martini drinker and really enjoyed making them. Score!  Deciding on an espresso martini, I kept one eye on Dennis and one on perusing the surprisingly varied menu options.  My martini arrived and looked delicious… after a quick sip, I decided that it tasted as good as it looked! 

Espresso martini at Pies & Pints

Espresso Martini

We were joined by our friends, Don and Beth, who came to celebrate with us.  As we waited for our dinner to arrive; Cavatelle with Broccoli and Sausage for Dave and Chicken Parm with a side of the Cavatelle and Broccoli for me,.  Chatting with Dennis, I found a kindred Martini spirit who understood that a martini not only had to taste good, but must look good too.  Garnishes are sooooo important!  Both he and Brandon were, pleasant and sociable and took time to check in on us as we dug into our food. 

Pies & Pints Cavatelle & Broccoli

Cavatelle & Broccoli

Ahhh, the food.  Let me tell you about the food.  The dishes were plentiful and didn’t last long; you’d think we hadn’t eaten in days!  The combo of tender cavatelle, savory sausage and perfectly cooked broccoli were a new experience for my honey.  And the way I eat, the generous serving of chicken parm and cavatelle with broccoli were soon history with barely enough left to have as a snack the next day.

Totally satisfied we turned our attention to our friends who had also invited a few more friends to the celebration.  With a variety of drinks in hand we all toasted MartiniHunter.com’s future success.  What better way to celebrate than with a great dinner experience with good friends?

We’ve been back to Pies & Pints since that first visit and the food continues to amaze us.  On Saturday nights you’ll find Dennis and Brandon behind the bar and you may even find us there, too.  Just look for a Martini and Corona side-by-side in front of a couple of friendly people chatting with their neighbors on the next stool over.   Cheers!

Pies & Pints

One Store Road, Middlebury, CT     203-598-7221

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