Porky’s Cafe

Porky's Cafe

To Pizza or Not to Pizza? That is the Question.

Funny story.

The other evening, gutwrenching hunger from a day of shopping weekend sales, had Steph (or as I call her, “Phannie”) and I in the mood for something we hadn’t had for a while, PIZZA.  It’s not everyday that two twenty-something, slender women walk into your neighborhood bar for pizza and beer (at least not us.) Don’t get me wrong, we love pizza and beer, but it’s just not something we frequent anymore.  We’re usually caught at trendy happy hours or tasting the signature drink at a new restaurant.


Shelton's Own Porky's Cafe

photo courtesy of Dan Semenza-Shelton Patch


Let me first say, that my Phannie and I are rather small in stature. We don’t usually consume more than a few beverages and split an appetizer and entree. But when it comes to pizza, actually let me rephrase that, when it comes to Porky’s pizza, every ladylike trait that our parents bestowed on us is thrown out the window!

So in we walk, spotting the only remaining table in the crowded bar. We order two beers and a large cheese pizza. Porky’s pizza is mouth watering, thin crust, the perfect pairing of cheese and sauce.  When the waitress placed the cheesy goodness in front of us we went to town. First it was one slice, then another. Before we knew it, we’re on our last slices to this large pie. YES, you heard me..we ate the entire pizza. Who knew that we could put away that kind of meal?  I wish I could show you a pic of that delectable pie, but Phannie and I polished it off so fast we didn’t stop to photograph it!  You’ll just have to trust us and go try it for yourself.  Try the wings, too, best in the area, hands down.

I really love Porky’s. It’s a place that resonates that close comfort of being small-town. It’s a place where I go for that sense of being “home.” You don’t need to be from Shelton to feel the pride in the orange and black but at Porky’s you’ll feel as if you’ve grown up there.  I’ll let you in on a secret…a little something called Valley New Year. Seriously, Google it. Then come join us little hunters for some fun later this year!

Enjoy my little hunters!

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