Prescott Station

Prescott Station

 Mixing My Cocktails and Loving It


On December 23rd my Assistant and I, road weary from our drive to Prescott for the holidays, stepped into Prescott Station.  Having dined there before we were disappointed to hear that they were full. We opted to check out the bar and found a cozy little table for two.  With the full menu available to us and a wonderful Bev Heaven Specialties (read: cocktails) menu as well, we felt right at home and ready to enjoy.  We selected a Roasted Beet Salad and Steak Bleu Diablo to share.  I opted for a SereneTini as my libation and the Assistant ordered a Diet Coke (DD).


Starting with the SereneTini; Vodka and ‘X’ Vodka, fresh lemon and lime juices and a rosemary sugar rimmed glass.  I was taken in by the idea of rosemary and cocktails going together but the drink was a little too lightly flavored for me.  I guess I like a lot of taste in my cocktail.  A good drink when wanting something light and simple.  I took another peek at the menu and convoed with our server, ordering from his suggestion, and off the menu; living the dangerous life of mixing my alcohols.  He brought my Purple Haze and told me about this Margarita made with tequila infused with lemon grass and lavender as well as fresh lime. The glass’s rim was coated with lavender sugar, aka; lavender cocaine. That’s all I got, the mixologist has secrets I hear, and I don’t blame her.

About then our beet salad arrived. House roasted red and yellow beets served with bleu cheese crumbles, field greens and potato crisps.  Sweet balsamic dressing topped it off. Not your simple salad, it impressed us with it simple yet complex taste.  In fact, we had devoured most of it before I even thought to take a pic. Our steak was presented; flatiron steak accompanied by a masa relleno filled with chilies, bacon, tomatoes and scallions as well as a Point Reyes Bleu cheese tequila butter sauce plus sauted spinach. Can you says ‘Wowza’?

 Dinner at Prescott Station

Somewhere in the midst of this amazing light dinner PS’s Mixologist, Thea, came over to chat with us. She is passionate about her cocktails and all that goes into making them.  With an ever changing cocktail menu we talked about a few of them, like the fan fave Whiskey Row.  If you know Prescott you know Whiskey Row, which is about a block over from Prescott Station It is the center of the town and across the street from the Town’s Green and Courthouse.  She brought me a sample of her ‘Mistletoe Margarita’ which is crafted of Tequila Reposado, a splash of Absynthe and Amaretto.  A special sugar rim on the glass, tasting of cinnamon and secrets was a perfect presentation.

I was feeling pretty good and had no willpower so we ordered dessert.  PS makes all its desserts from scratch and many of them are available in sample sizes.  We requested a sampling of the dessert nachito, flourless chili brownie and seasonal fruit cobbler.  A self professed chocaholic, I was in love with the brownie and its sea salt/ caramel ice cream and the cobbler was very good but I can’t recall the fruit at this moment.  The nachito was AhMazing.  Chocolate tortilla chips with mascarpone creme and vanilla bean ice cream, mixed berries, grated mango, brownie crumbles, julienned mint, caramel and topped with white chocolate and berry sauces.  My mouth is watering just to type it all and I remember us playfully fighting over forkfulls of this delight. Some delish coffee for the Hubs and we were off, ready for Christmas and its’ Eve.


By the way, an evening of Vodka, Tequila and Absynthe didn’t kill me, it just made me want more of Prescott Station and Thea’s artistry.


Prescott Station
200 E Gurley St.
Prescott, Arizona

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