Pub 25 American Grille

Pub 25 Newtown

We got there by accident? 

Easter Sunday…   We decided to venture out to see what we came across, starting in Newtown and traveling south in search of a distinctive pub.   Without high expectations (it was Easter Sunday after all) we wandered down the road and found most places closed.  Those that were open, mostly dinner restaurants, were not our typical target.  Driving along, we saw the sign for PUB 25.  As Tammy exclaimed, “I’ve heard of that place and it looks open!!”  I hang a U-turn and head back; no easy feat with a huge pick-up truck.  The glimmer of chrome patio furniture, occupied by a small group of hearty patrons, momentarily blinded us as we got closer.  We had a good feeling… 

Entering we were greeted by a LONG bar with most of the stools filled.  In front of the large floor to ceiling river stone fireplace; tables were set ready for dining.  Pub 25 has a very nicely done combination of traditional, industrial and contemporary décor.   And let’s not forget the wall-sized TV thanks to an HD TV projector.  

A kind patron moved over to make us space at the bar and we were promptly greeted by Toni, our petite and friendly bartender.  Tammy asked about martinis and Toni promptly produced the martini and cocktail menu.  We reviewed the martini selections and were introduced to Joe who was declared the “martini maker.” 

After a few pointed questions to determine Tammy’s taste in cocktails and her usual question asking which martini was his favorite to make, the Key Lime Martini made with Hangar Key Lime Vodka, was the recommendation which Tammy jumped on.  As Joe began the quintessential art of martini making, a little of this, a drop of that…sniff …taste…shake… it was ready.  By the smile on her face, it was declared delish! 

Then it happened.  We made a mistake.  We had high hopes for other finds this day so we left.  As we traveled down the road, we grew hungry and wished we had stayed to enjoy dinner.  Onward we traveled but found nothing to satisfy our hunger pangs because everything else was closed.   It’s not often that we screw up, but on this day we made a big mistake in leaving our new friends at Pub 25.

We’ll be back soon, guys, and we’ll take advantage of the great Happy Hour and the even more plentiful menu.   As long as we can find a seat at the bar, that is….  -Dave

266 South Main Street, Newtown, CT          203-270-3425

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