Sloppy Jose

Sloppy Jose

Tuesday is For Tequila.  Don’t get me wrong – any day is a good day at Sloppy Jose’s of Milford. Tuesday night just happens to be my night, although I’ve been there on most days of the week over the years.  I even threw off the local space-time continuum recently by ordering a margarita instead of my usual Negra Modelo and shot of tequila.  The good folks at “Sloppy’s” will back me up on this one. Nothing went as expected after that and I’m pretty sure I caused that meteor to hit Russia.  But I digress.

Sloppy Jose Hats 

If you like good Tex-Mex /Mexican food and a convivial, family-friendly atmosphere, you have to check this place out. From the beginning, after one look at the cozy little bar, the casually laid-out dining area (complete with fireplace), taking in the wonderful aromas emanating from everywhere and listening to Jimmy Buffett playing quietly in the background, I was hooked. I’ve walked in many times since in attire ranging from business-casual to shorts and sandals and settled at the bar in true “life is good” fashion. Tequila for the soul.

Tequila Bar at Sloppy Jose's

And without seeming to, they work very hard at making sure life is good. Whether it’s a meal with the kids, or a few drinks with friends, Sloppy Jose’s has you covered. Owners, Mike and Larry pop out of the kitchen regularly to say hello to first-timers and regulars alike. They’re the captains of a small but fun-loving crew of servers and bartenders. Susan, the restaurant’s in-house artist and self described “Tequila Wench” will decorate your own personal bar glass if you desire.  Linda, keeps the conversation and the liquor flowing effortlessly. Turns out she’s a fellow Sikorsky Airport bum: surprised we hadn’t met before. Nick is barely old enough to drink yet fits right in. These and other characters, along with a zany crop of “irregular regulars” (including yours truly, I guess) make this party a success, any day of the week.


 The menu has something for just about everyone. The weekly specials that are always interesting and tasty. Most recently, the Pork Carnitas and the Shrimp de Gallo come to mind.  Of the regular menu items, the Enchiladas Mole’ is a personal favorite.  Even something as simple as a bowl of chili or an order of nachos are concocted in a way that make it uniquely Sloppy’s.  When I’m in the mood to stretch the waistline, there’s a fine selection of desserts which I love to cap off with one of the delicious coffee drinks (Keoke is my favorite).  If you’re on a budget, a really good meal can be had for under $30. And that’s from someone who can put away a lot of meal.

Bar at Sloppy Jose's

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Cinco de Mayo usually packs the place.  I’m not usually one for capacity crowds, but Cinco at Sloppy’s is a good time had by all. Too bad it only comes once a year. If you’re in the neighborhood, and in a festive mood, come on down.  Tuesday or any day for that matter, it’s always a good day for tequila.  -Dan

P.S. – If anyone from Chelyabinsk happens to read this; Sorry, it won’t happen again.


Sloppy Jose’s
186 Hillside Avenue, Milford   (203) 878-9847
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