SNIRT – A Tug Hill Adventure!

This weekend our mode of transport was ATV and truck.  Being a Tug Hill veteran for many years, I’ve visited these places many times before.  This year we found a new entry on the scene, Boondocks.  We were delighted to find this newcomer but we’ll get into that a bit later!  

Each pub and eatery in the region is dependent on visitors that come to enjoy the recreation, scenic opportunities and the abundant winter snowfall which can be in the several feet per day range.  Most establishments are family owned and run, with the people serving you likely being the owners, many of whom live nearby.  Many of these iconic venues struggle each year, since business is largely dependent on the weather.  Depending on the season you’ll find snowmobilers, hunters, campers and ATVers enjoying all the region has to offer.  A bad winter can leave these businesses on the edge of staying in business.  So a weekend like SNIRT, especially with great weather, is huge for them and brings in a few thousand or more people to the area.  It’s also a boon to the host snowmobile club and provides funds to pay for trail upkeep, grooming and the creation of new trails connecting one region to another.

Now let’s get started!

Tammy at Sportsmen's Den

 Sportsman’s Den

As usual on this trip we met lots of great people.  Our first stop, one of my personal favorites is the Sportsman’s Den, just outside High Market.   We were served by Rhonda, who whipped up a much needed Espresso Martini for Tammy who hit the trail without her morning coffee.  The Sportsman’s Den is situated a short distance from a huge pond complete with huge, resident Koi fish.  The edges of the nearby woods are frequented by large groups of deer throughout the year.

We love Tug Hill and the surrounding area, it offers so much to do. ATV, snowmobiling, camping, fishing, hunting and for those not so much into the outdoor sports: antique and craft shops, scenic views, and of course: Martini Hunting! One thing you will find just about anywhere you go is friendly people and exceptional values for food, drink and lodging.

Tug Hill, NY

Highmarket Inn

Highmarket Inn for our second stop.  As usual, friendly faces greeted us and just as quickly took our order.  It was early, with only a few fellow Snirt riders already ensconced at the bar, so we had an opportunity to chat with the staff and a few patrons as we finished our drinks.  Come to the Inn at night for a great dinner with huge portions.  You won’t spend much but you’ll leave full and have new friends, too.

Whiskey Jack’s

Hopping onto the four-wheeler and hitting the dirt roads, we made our way to Whiskey Jack’s Crowfoot Inn.  As we drive into view, you could tell the activity was picking up as the road and driveway were teaming with four-wheelers and the BBQ pits were tempting us with the aroma of grilled chicken.  Having wandered in the night before, we had previously met with the owner, Brian.  This place has come a long way in the last 25 or so years

Lunch at Whiskey Jack's

Hook & Ladder

We arrive to find the road and parking lots lined with muddy ATV’s and country music cranking from the speakers.  Being such a nice day most folks were staying outside, so getting a seat at the bar was easy.  Again, nice folk and great service.  Having just eaten,  a quick drink to clean the dust and mud off our palate and we were on our way to Barnes Corner’s.

Doyle’s Pub and Montague Inn

Montague Inn (where there’s always great food), to witness the mass of ATV’s that always end up there during Snirt.   The ATVs were swarming like ants around this place. (They also have motel rooms.)  We didn’t stop in today as the day grows long and having put on almost 100 miles on the quad so far we make our way to our last stop; Doyle’s Pub.  Located at the intersection of RT 26 and 177 in Martinsburg,  Doyle’s is a tiny little place with more great folk.


This Tug Hill staple offers a large dining room, good food and frequent live music.  They also have rooms available so you can settle in after a long ride.  Out back there are trails and mud pits to play in with your ATV’s; check out YouTube for a good laugh.  As we ate so much mud and dust today we were eager to get cleaned up for dinner so we didn’t stop in after our ride, but this is always a good spot to warm up and grab a beer and a bite when we’re out snowmobiling.

Boondocks Bar & Restaurant

Boondocks Bar and Restaurant which sits in front of The Edge Hotel on Route 12 is a newcomer to the area. We were amazed at Boondocks! With a huge bar area and a large dining room this newcomer is a hit! 

Boondocks Restaurant & Bar

Accented with a faux tree and twinkle lights, a “rock” mountain and a stream running through the dining room… this is a fun place! The lodge-y feel from The Edge extends to this sister establishment, which opened in Spring 2010, where the bar feels like you’re in a converted barn complete with intimate two-person booths, tall café tables, beautiful lighting and plenty of solid, high backed bar stools.

It seems that everyone had the same idea as we did and we found the bar full when we arrived.  Never fear! We decided to order a drink and practice our well-honed “hovering” skills while waiting for the next opening at the bar.  It took a while, as it seemed no one wanted to leave but we eventually landed a primo spot!  As we waited we couldn’t help but notice the full beer lineup (both bottle and draft) as well as drink specials.  They also maintain a weekly band schedule and check out their Facebook page for more creative specials and events. Our busy barkeep (we never caught her name) was full of energy and never stopped moving.  At refill time, we inquired into martinis. The young bartender stated that she loved to make martinis so Tammy decided on an Oatmeal Cookie martini, which was quickly delivered and declared on the mark.  It was such a hit that a young lady from Poughkeepsie, a member of the “Trailer-Hood Gang” (love that name!), who happened to see it made, decided to try one for herself!

We ordered dinner; ribs for me and prime rib for my girl.  Both were excellent and came in large portions accompanied by the usual assortment of sides.

We can’t wait to visit here again.  On or off season, this place will do well because it was done right with no skimping.  You won’t find a better value for dinner, drinks and lodging.  Best of luck Tracey… and congrats on a job well done!

Boonville Hotel

Bar at Boonville Hotel

Clean and cozy, the Boonville Hotel does not disappoint with comfortable benches and a small dining room.  (You should see the wood carved monkey, a little scary but so neat!) The wait staff is swift and courteous.  We were able to find a seat at the bar and were quickly served our cocktails.  The dinner special board sported a large list of good deals and even greater sounding entrée’s.  We start with some of the best chowder I can remember ever having.  We’ve had their French onion soup on previous visit and it gets high marks.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed as they have some of the best burgers around, too.  If you’re traveling to this area or just traveling through you should make time to stop in.  Proprietors, Ben and Shirley, have done a remarkable job preserving this little gem.


My list of little spots in this area is fairly long, but you can’t hit them all in one weekend and we like to refresh our experience before we write our stories.  This area is a great place for a getaway either by car, truck, snowmobile, ATV or motorcycle. Half of the experience will be getting there and finding the places.  Don’t judge the book by its cover, either.  Most are not very fancy but make it up in value and their warm, welcoming smiles. Each place has their special “thing”, be it the location, the people, getting there, the remoteness or of course the food and drink.

We enjoyed our weekend on Tug Hill and can’t wait to go back again.  We encourage you to do the same!

-Dave and Tammy

This is what they do with trespassers….



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