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Texting the Electronic Kiss Off

By Frank Szivos The chilling words popped up on a friend’s Smart Phone screen: “Sorry to say, I can’t continue this relationship. Let’s part friends. And I wish you the best.” It was the dreaded breakup text. In 2012, it’s the equivalent of a Dear John letter, which goes something like this: You’re a wonderful person, but our relationship is […]

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Fish Oil Pills Raise a Stink

By Frank Szivos I am compelled to raise a stink about fish oil pills. I have taken them for years. They’re supposed to be beneficial for my heart and cardiovascular system, stimulate my metabolism and help keep me trim. Fish oil pills are supposed to do just about everything short of making me immortal. But there’s a down side to […]

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Mastering 10 Basic Life Skills Every Guy Needs to Know

By Frank Szivos  Let’s face it, these days, a guy has to be able to fix things, fend for himself, and be a jack of all trades. After all, you can’t afford to pay a plumber, electrician, or handyman for every little thing that needs repair around the house. At least, that’s the plan.  Even though I’m handy-guy challenged, I’ve […]

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Guy Facts: What Every Woman Should Really Know

By Frank Szivos Men are misunderstood, over analyzed and definitely maligned. We’re just not that complex. For the record, I believe we’re extremely easy to figure out. Here are some tidbits about men to help women understand why deep inside of us we’re cuddly little boys. 1. All guys think they’re funny as funny as Robin Williams. So a way […]

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Throwing a Divorced Guy Shower

By Frank Szivos I am proposing a new tradition for guys recently divorced – a divorced guy shower. If a divorced guy goes out on his own, he tends to move into an apartment with little more than the clothes on his back and some stashed in garbage bags along with a bed dug out of the attic of his […]

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Bed Bugs Putting the Bite on You

By Frank Szivos The bed bugs have landed; the bed bugs have landed, get out of bed and string up a hammock. I don’t mean to sound like an alarmist, but run for it now while you can; and then keep going because there’s no escape. Sleep standing up if you can, but stay out of the bed. Face it, […]

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