TAPS Fish House and Brewery

TAPS Fish House and Brewery

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So, I haven’t been hunting for a while. The Hubs and I moved to Corona from the Torrance area recently and I have to say, there aren’t a lot of Gastropubs or cool bars/restaurants near our new digs. Now, I know that part of moving to a new area is exploring and finding new haunts. Well, we’ve definitely been exploring. Finally we found.

Last weekend my hubby and I decided to see a movie at our new-to-us local theater. We got there early, expecting the same madness we were used to in LA but there were no lines or attitude to be found. Anywhere. It was about 100* that day so we decided to duck into TAPS Fish House and Brewery for an icy cold one before our flick.

TAPS is a big place so I assumed it was part of a chain and had passed it by several times. This Sunday we strode in past the Brunchers (It looked delish) and bellied up. Michelle greeted us quickly and set me up with a glass of Voignier and an IPA for the Assistant. We could see a Brewery area off to the right and the beer menu was very simple and personal so we asked some questions…  Michelle explained to us that TAPS is a family business with great origins. Now, I hope I get this right… The families’ father was ‘comfortable’ financially and not a spring chicken. His adult son had a desire to open a microbrewery and restaurant but wanted his father to enjoy and be a part of this venture, rather than wait until after Dear Old Dad passed away and Son collected his inheritance to open the business. Dad was game and in 1999 TAPS was born. There are now 2 TAPS locations, one in Brea, California and the one we were visiting in Corona at The Promenade Shops at Dos Lagos. That’s a mouthful. No sooner did Michelle finished telling us the origins of TAPS did Chris, the President of the company pop by to say hello and thank us for coming in. He’s a really nice guy with a firm handshake- I like that. Well, it was time for our flick so we paid our bill and decided that we would come back after for something a bit more substantial.

A couple of hours later, and here we were again. Brunch was over and my favorite; Happy Hour had begun even though it was mid afternoon. Our Bartender this time was Jarod, aka J Rod 🙂 and he was equally attentive.

Jarod aka J-Rod @ Taps Fish House & Brewery

Jarod aka J-Rod


My Assistant opted for a glass of Schwarzbier (literally meaning black beer; a wonderful dark beer with great body and taste) and a Sour Apple Martini for me, off the HH menu, of course. We also ordered up 3 Little Piggies; 3 mini hotdogs, each one differently adorned and a personal pizza that rocked. We gobbled up our snackies and sipped our drinks. Jarod checked on us and I admitted that I liked my Appletini’s more on the tart side so he happily remade it (2 times) with  more pucker until I was finally puckered to my hearts’ content.


Appletini Martini

Appletini Martini


A bit later, after getting the Assistant a refill and seeing my glass empty, Jarod announced that he would like to make a drink for me, knowing that I like tartness and even some heat. A few minutes later he brought me an amazing deep orange drink with beautiful foamy top and a dark sprinkle. I sniffed and tasted and I was in heaven! First, a bit of something… could it be coffee aroma? Then the stiffness of the foam but lots of taste and then a deliciously tart and a bit spicy… Passionfruit Martini. Jarod explained how they made their own ginger simple syrup (the spice) and what else went into this; of course there was passionfruit juice and of course there was passionfruit rum. I didn’t even know either of these existed to be honest with you. The citrus foam was  made with egg whites, lime, passionfruit water and had a sprinkle of coffee grounds on top. Yes, that was coffee. I have to say, it was one of the most complex and delish libations I have been fortunate enough to enjoy.


Passion Fruit Martini @ TAPS

Passion Fruit Martini


The Hubs and I finished everything off with a bit of chocolate decadence, bought a growler, googled and discussed the origin of said growler’s name with Jarod and left with a wee bit of our left over dessert and a growler full of Schwarzbier to enjoy over the next few days. Ummm, ok maybe it was gone the next day.   😉

We will be back, maybe for dinner of maybe back to the bar. We do have to visit Michelle and Jarod again, they ‘made’ our experience that day. There are also cool tasting dinners designed around their brews for a fixed price seemingly every month or 2 or 3. Enticing!

Here’s to exploring the ‘hood. Cheers ~ ibbabs


TAPS Fish House & Brewery,  2745 Lakeshore Drive, Corona, CA  951-277-5800
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