Our Margarita and So Much More!

A couple of Saturdays ago my Assistant and I strolled from my place of business to Wilshire on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica for an early dinner.  Now there are restaurants and restaurants with bars, the latter having a bit of a ‘scene’ that can be found most evenings and their own menus of food and libations.  We opted for The Bar at Wilshire, a favorite of ours for an early, casual dinner.

Wilshire is a great restaurant. With a roomy back patio as well as a seemingly multi tiered indoor dining room there is no bad table, but the patio is to die for. Fire pots glow and warm diners are at tables just close enough to permit one to strike up a convo with the cool neighbors. Or not. On a prior (patio) visit my hubs and I even traded wine finds with our neighbor, having a taste of his amazing blend brought in from the home cellar.

The Bar area is quite simple with rows of candles hanging on the wall. They provide warm ambient light to the intimate space with some 2 and 4 tops as well as, of course, the bar. Sliding onto a couple of comfy stools we were quickly greeted by Eileen and set up with menus. Hmmm, ‘what’s popular and delish on the cocktails menu?’ Eileen asked me a few questions and soon recommended that I try “Our Margarita”; Don Julio Blanco, St Germaine and jalapeno, made only on the rocks of course. Mmm,mmm,mmm so wonderful.

Wilshire Resaurant

Our Margarita

The heat of the jalapenos muddled and then nestled under ice built slowly, a perfect companion to the other flavors that are a bit more expected in a Marg. As I sipped the balance shifted, the heat growing until I was pretty much just getting jalapeno and liking it. The hubs opted for his usual- a glass of red; well and good but with a Hand Crafted Cocktail menu with options like Roodie, Tequila Spa, Dirty Blonde and Flowers in my Hair, why play it safe? He likes his wine, that’s why.

Soon my burger (I always order more like a dude than my dude does) and his gnocchi arrived. Another consult with Eileen led to a tequila spa to accompany my food and it didn’t disappoint. I wished that I had ordered my drinks in the reverse order, the Tequila Spa being lighter in flavor. The jalapenos in Our Margarita would have been perfect with my Wilshire burger and the best fries I have ever had… anywhere. Oliver, another bartender, maybe even the head bar dude ambled over to check on us. I was feeling chatty so we dished over their cocktails. It turns out that the bar menu is being revamped and will be released sometime in May. Oliver wouldn’t nail down a day or week but he revealed that it would have a healthy Bourbon representation and would be a bit ‘old school, rat pack-y’. For this spot with its dark walls and a pretty traditional looking, intimate bar it sounds like a perfect complement.  He also informed us during our convo that the Executive Chef, Nyesha Arrington is a Top Chef alum. Impressive!  Still couldn’t get a date approximation out of Oliver, but boy did I try.

We opted for dessert and chose Sundae, Sundae, Sundae; bruleed banana, salted caramel and bourbon ice cream topped with hot fudge, can you say gone in 2 seconds? We ambled out fat and happy, Wilshire has never disappointed. The Assistant and I can’t wait to visit again and sample the new cocktails. I will report my findings back to Martini Hunter and you.



2454 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, Ca.       310.586.1707
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