Windmill Restaurant

Windmill Restaurant

An Historic Neighborhood Bar


Here on we generally don’t feature a restaurant because of it’s food as we tend to concentrate on the cocktails when out hunting.  This evening was an exception when we made our way down to Stratford for our first visit to the Windmill Restaurant.


The Windmill


A total renovation preceded the grand re-opening of the Windmill Restaurant in December 2012.  This landmark bar, located in the Hollister Heights neighborhood of Stratford, had fallen into disrepair and was closed for years.  The new owners wanted to preserve the feel of the iconic landmark and in particular, the original bar and exposed brick walls and arched doorways.


Tammy & Dave at the Windmill


They definitely succeeded.  The beautiful wood floor complemented the exposed brick and dark wood bar.  Walking in, we were amazed at the size of the interior!  It was huge by bar standards, yet it still managed to make one feel very comfortable, like a well worn sweater.


Dave, Jacque and Tammy


We were welcomed at the bar by Jacque, who shocked Dave by handing him a Labatt Blue. He was almost giddy!  I played it safe and ordered a Cosmo.  I must say, I expected this to be a beer stop, not a martini stop, but the Cosmo Jacque set before me was top notch.  Made with Ketel One Vodka and fresh lime, it was balanced and crisp.  I enjoyed the first one so much I couldn’t help but indulge again.


Kettle One Vodka Cosmo



Jacque  enjoys being a bartender (part-time, I might add) and you can tell that she takes pride in her craft.  I can’t wait to see how she makes other classics on our next visit.  Go Jacque!

The Windmill has many old-time menu items that make it a favorite with the locals even today  Chief among them are the hot dogs. Made with Hummel hot dogs; the many toppings are sure to please your palate.


Windmill Hot Dog


The open grill is still behind the bar in full view of the customers and the mouthwatering aromas wafting throughout will have you ordering up a dog or two to accompany your beer. Here’s a huge bonus! If you’re a local Bridgeport or Fairfield resident you’re sure to remember the great chili made by Kuhn’s in Fairfield and Conty’s down at Seaside Park in Bridgeport, as well as the Windmill’s own, Rudy’s Chili.  Well the guys at the Windmill are in possession of the original chili recipes! Score! 


Kuhn's Chili


I enoyed not one, but TWO dogs topped with Kuhn’s famous hot and spicy chili…. mmmm, heaven!  This was a first for me.  Hotdogs, cheeseburgers and….. martinis.  Oh, yeah, that’s how I roll!


Windmill Cosmo & Chili Dog


The menu stays true to the old time favorites wnile adding some new dishes.  And the value can’t be beat either.  Fresh burgers, kielbasa, bratwurst, pierogies and personal pizzas are offered along side porketta, roast beef and corned beef sandwiches served with hand cut fries, house made cole slaw and a pickle for $8 each.  That’s not a typo, I did say $8 each.


Pastrami at the Windmill


On this evening we had the pleasure of meeting all the owners, Ray, John, Matt and Larry. Their hands-on approach extends from actually managing the place to keeping up with the very active Facebook page which boasts over 3400 engaged fans, “Windmillers” to the rest of us.   As we chatted, their commitment to the history of the Windmill and their pride in bringing back a neighborhood bar was clearly evident; and rightfully so.


Windmill staff


Seems like everyone who grew up in Stratford has a Windmill story and its nice to know that the Windmill will be around so future generations will have their chance to add their own chapters to the story of “The Windmill, a Neighborhood Bar.”

What’s your Windmill story?  Share it below.


Windmill Restaurant  

400 Hollister Street, Stratford, CT   203-378-6886




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